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Fuck, I'm deeply touched.

You're my God. Or a god. Or the God. Maybe the God. Bullshit. However, here we go: you. Your silhouette. Your mouth. Your ankles, your wrists. Your eyes. Your fuckin' brown eyes.

I got quite nice recollections. I can see you in your slacks. Can see you sit right there. Can see your tears. I know you collect them into a nice bottle. I took it and poured the very liquid into my mouth. The ozone layer, UV radiation... and you are kinda extinct. Absence of yours, it makes me feel quite well. Nay, I meant... a weed. A friend with weed is better. Paint the town red with such words.

And omnipresent silence. Shut up! Then, I'm having walls whitened. I can see the sun fuck off. Can see... No, I can't see. I'm crying. The room oversaturated. I'm a libertine. I fuck every single cloud.