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Homo sum


11 August 1991

You can write to me in Polish, English, German, Russian, French, Latin, Quenya & Sindarin. If you give me a bit of time I also will understand (I hoper) Esperanto and Old English.

The most important dates in my life:

  • 11 VIII 1991 -- I (together with my sister) say "Aaa...!!!" to the World
  • 1993 -- We, the twins, go to the kindgarten
  • 1996 -- My second (Oh, dear!) sister is born in purpose to destroy the World & people
  • 1997 -- The twins go to the Maria Konopnicka Primary School and they're in the first class
  • 2000 -- The fourth class, form-master's change and the beginning of second education level (many subjects instead one) and felling in love to history
  • 2007 -- Death of my lovely grand-grand-mother
  • VI 2003 -- The sixth class's end and finishing the Primary School with honours and titile of the best graduate; great love to the programing appliactions
  • IX 2003 -- The twins go to Karol Godula Gymnasium together (again) and they meet wanderful friends and idiotic "older students (pals?)"
  • 2005/2006 -- Great love to "The Lord of the Rings" moves and books, learning the Tolkien's Elvish languages and Latin
  • VI 2007 -- The twins with mother and Hania travel to Greece, to Chania in Crete; they're abord for the first time!
  • 2007 -- participation in a program about some "strange" languages (i.e. Elvish, Animalish...) "Teleranek" in TVP1
  • VI 2007 -- The thirth class's end and finishing the Gymnasium (and the third education level) with honours and titile of the best graduate and the highest average of grades in history of this school
  • IX 2007 -- I learn in Juliusz Słowacki Liceum, this time my sister goes somewhere else

Elendilion - Tolkienowski Serwis Informacyjny